Manage the probability of failure by applying a professional maintenance approach Empowering the Operational Team

Empowering the Operational Team

Multi-Generational and Multi-Cultural, Multi-Lingual.

Our typical customer is in the process of migrating from a Level 1 or 2 operation to a Level 3 or 4 enterprise. In practical terms this means creating or organizing an existing Knowledge Base of the company’s assets, their performance, maintenance, and processes supporting their functions. These are the analytical tools. The knowledge base is used for providing the necessary data to support the KPIs (key performance indicators).


REISSCO’s methodology to improve operational and asset reliability. It is an organized and methodical approach to:
Asses the current status of all operational assets
Measure criticality and risk of the assets (in most cases the critical assets)
Define failure and make explicit the effect these failures have on the operation
Implement processes and technology to improve reliability by:
• Reduction of loss of production
• Comply with regulations
• Manage risk
• Optimizing Proactive Maintenance
• Applying Asset Life Cycle Management (ALCM)
To measurably achieve greater asset availability in accordance with the strategic objectives of the enterprise.

The comPA55™ an app to:

Easily determine criticality and risk
Organically build the Failure Mode Effect Matrix utilizing different approaches

Track effects on reliability as a consequence of changes to PMs, parts inventory levels, employee training, utilizing condition monitoring, applying reliability tools and engineering solutions for failure analysis to prevent repetitive failures

Visualize in real time areas of the enterprise requiring additional resources. Resources can be capital, human, training, data or better processes.

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