Optimizing the mix of cost, risks and performance over the whole asset life Empowering the Business Management Team

Empowering the Business Management Team

Organizations from a wide range of industries having embraced Asset Management are reporting significant gains in business performance, while simultaneously controlling costs, risks, and long term capability.

The major benefits are:

• Better Negotiation Power
A higher maturity in the formulation of capital investment projects based on business requirements will avoid pitfalls later and will give you advantageous negotiation power with suppliers, service providers and customers
• Higher performance levels
Assets that meet the strategic objectives for which they were selected will perform at optimum cost/performance ratios.
Well maintained equipment performs better, requires less downtimes, significantly increases operational safety levels and reduces the risk of environmental damage
• Lower costs
Profit sapping overtime is saved, spare parts inventories are reduced through better inventory management, in-house maintenance and outsourced services are managed to allow for optimum balance and to protect intellectual properties
• Greater consistency
Well maintained assets deliver products and services at quality levels

• Increased confidence and credibility
Well performed asset management is a key enabler to commit to and deliver products and services at an explicit level of quality and performance, it builds confidence among customers and stakeholders, and builds shareholder value
• Happier customers, staff, and regulators
A well maintained operation, operating under save and clean conditions, delivering consistent quality products and services, satisfies customers, employees and those responsible overseeing the operation
• More sustainable outcomes
A well-defined and executed Asset Management strategy delivers consistent and expected outcomes at every level, thus significantly minimizing the risk of failure for all.

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